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Policy Challenges. Solved.

When the World Bank needed help designing a supervisory system for the fastest growing financial cooperative system in the world... we Delivered solutions.

Australian mutual banks will be some of the first financial institutions to implement Basel III capital rules and needed sound guidance... we Delivered answers.

The International Monetary Fund needed an expert to assess and train central bank regulators... we Delivered the expertise.

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Daily Nation of Kenya highlights work to develop a Central Liquidity Facility 
Mwalimu Sacco members queue to access their cash. Saccos regulator plans to set up a system through which societies can lend one another. PHOTO | FILE

Global Regulators select DGA to run Secretariat
Launch of Paraguay's Financial Inclusion Strategy

The Central Bank of Paraguay and Ministry of Finance unveiled the National Financial Inclusion Strategy for which Dave Grace & Associates was the primary consultant. Click below to read.

UN's Global Census on Cooperatives Unveiled
For the first time ever a Global Census on Cooperatives shows the size and impact of the international cooperative system. The Census was commissioned by the United Nations and conducted by Dave Grace & Associates.  The full results are available here.

Filene Research Issues our Report on Micro-lending
The report provides a detailed look at the lessons from international micro-lending and how U.S. credit unions can benefit.  We also highlight the  5 things credit unions need to do to be successful in this area. This is Filene's most popular report of 2013 & view the info graphic.

Dave discusses consumer protection with CGAP

Credit Union member in Lesotho