APEC Financial Inclusion Conference

Selected Presentations

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This is a selected list of Publications

  • "Creating an Enabling Environment for Financial Cooperatives" United Nation's Food and Agricultural Organization. July 2017.
  • "National Financial Inclusion Strategy" Government of Paraguay and World Bank. December 2014.
  •  "Developing and Executing a Clear Value Proposition: Six Credit Union Case Studies." Filene                      Research Institute. December 2014.
  • "Microloan Feasibility Study: Can Small Business Lending Become Big Business for Credit Unions?"  Filene Research Institute. August 2013.
  • “MFI and SACCO On-site and Off-site Supervision Manuals”. National Bank of Rwanda on behalf of       the World Bank. 2012.
  •  “Credit Union On-site Examination Manual”for the Central Bank of Belize on behalf of the                          International Monetary Fund. 2012.
  • “Model Law for Credit Unions” World Council of Credit Unions (co-authored). Translated into four         languages. 2000. Revised in 2005 and 2011.
  • Global Trends Articles. ABACUS Market Intelligence Reports. 2007- 2011.
  • “Producer collectives, cooperatives and other types of groups are not usually sustainable and do             not deliver long-term benefits to small holders”. Lead debate article. Enterprise Development &             Microfinance Journal.  Vol 21, No. 2. June 2010.
  • “Model Regulations for Credit Unions” World Council of Credit Unions (co-authored). 2008. 
  • “Financial Cooperatives Act of Malawi 2007” and “Financial Cooperative Regulations of Malawi               2008.” Enacted law by Malawi’s Parliament.
  • “Middle is Not a Four-letter Word ”Microbanking Bulletin. Lead article.  No. 14, pp 1-8. Spring 2007.
  • "International Credit Union Consumer Protection Principles.” World Council of Credit Unions. 2008.
  • Global Credit Union Perspectives” Strategic Intelligence Report. Credit Union Central of Canada. 2007.
  • “Exploring the Credit Union Experience with Remittances in the Latin American Market,”  Remittances.  Samuel Maimbo editor. Chapter 8. World Bank. 2005.
  • “Using Remittances to Build Financial Relationships with Credit Unions,” Small Enterprise                           Development Journal. United Kingdom. March 2004.
  • “Emerging Payments Primers: Net Settlement, Electronic Cash, Home Banking and Debit Cards,”             Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. 1996-1997.