Our clients include international financial institutions, cooperative associations and financial sector think tanks.

Assignments with the World Bank include:

  • Strategic options for strengthening financial cooperatives in South Africa. 2020 - 21. 
  • Lead consultant for the establishment and start up on the Uganda Microfinance Regulatory Authority. 2016-19
  • Establishing a market conduct supervision unit within the Central Bank of Lesotho, amending the MFI regulations and developing a national policy and legislation on financial consumer protection. 2016-2021. 
  • ​Lead consultant for the financial sector strategy in Sao Tome & Principe. 2015.
  • Leading a Financial Sector Development Plan for Swaziland. 2014-15. 
  • Drafting the National Financial Inclusion Strategy for Paraguay. 2014.
  • Restructuring a systemically important financial cooperative in the Caribbean. 2013.
  • Assessed consumer protections among microfinance institutions/SACCOs in Rwanda and advised the central bank on areas for improvement. Summer 2013.
  • Development of a Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) Risk-Based Supervisory program for the National Bank of Rwanda. 2011-2012.   
  • Establishing a national Credit Union for Public Sector Workers in Zambia. Fall 2012 - 2013.

Assignments with the IMF include:

  • Training credit union supervisors in the Caribbean on regulation and supervision. 2021.
  • Training of IMF staff on financial cooperatives and MFIs during its Summer Institute. 2017.
  • ​Assessment of non-bank regulator in the Caribbean. Spring 2015.
  • Review of credit union legislation and regulations in the Caribbean. Spring 2015.
  • Financial analysis training for credit union supervisors at the Central Bank of Haiti. Winter 2014.
  • Designing the country's first deposit insurance system for the Central Bank van Suriname. 2013.
  • Capacity Building & Joint Exams with the Financial Services Regulatory Commission of St. Kitts & Nevis. Summer 2012.
  • Assessment of the Financial Services Commission (FSC), Barbados. Summer 2012.
  • Evaluation of the Largest Credit Unions and Building Societies. Winter 2012.
  • Review of Credit Union Supervision by the Central Bank of Belize. Fall 2011.

Assignments with the Asian Development Bank:

  • ​Growing the microfinance market and consumer protection environment as ADB's Financial Inclusion Adviser for Myanmar. 2014-2021.
  • Training financial cooperative board members in Thailand. 2020.
  • ​Designing and conducting due diligence on MFIs and banks seeking to be part of a ADB's credit guarantee fund in Myanmar. 2018-19.
  • ​Developed financial inclusion strategy for Azerbaijan based and authored report on finding from the national financial inclusion survey. 2016-17.

Assignment with CGAP include:

  • Research how to adapt deposit insurance for digital financial services and mobile money. 2014-15.

Assignment with European Union include:

  • Implementation of SupTech requirements and risk-based supervision with the  Palestine Monetary Authority. 2019-20.
  • Development of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy for the Central Bank of Egypt.  2020-21

Assignments with the United Nations include:

  • ​Developing the first ever Global Census on Cooperatives which seeks to capture every cooperative or mutual across all countries and sectors.  2013-14.
  • Conducted needs analysis of a financial cooperative law in Lesotho and drafting framework for legislation.  Spring 2013 & 2015.

Assignments with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank include: 

  • ​Developing tools, training supervisors and conducting joint exams of credit unions via a World Bank-funded program. 2012-2013.
  • Training credit unions in the sector of implementation of reporting forms. 2015.

​Assignments with the Alliance for Financial Inclusion:

  • Facilitated and authored the National Financial Inclusion Strategy for the Bank of Uganda.  2016-17.
  • ​Conducting a global survey on non-bank financial institutions' access to components of the financial infrastructure and how such access could propel financial inclusion. Summer 2013.
  • Advised the People Bank of China and the regulatory environment for non-banks in the U.S. and led their exchange visit to Washington, D.C.  Winter 2013.

​​Assignment with Financial Sector Deepening Trust:

  • ​​Designing a wholesale central finance facility for savings and credit cooperatives in Kenya. 2015-17.

Assignment with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:

  • Evaluated and developed for the Central Bank of Nigeria a set of consumer protection reforms for the mobile money market.

Assignments with the Center for Financial Inclusion include:

  • Leading a revision to the Smart Campaign certification standards related to savings products. 2014.
  • Co-chair of consumer protection working group as part of global Financial Inclusion 2020 Campaign. 2012-2013
  • Representing CFI at on the Consumer Protection Working Group at the Alliance for Financial Inclusion and guest blogging. Fall 2012.

Assignments with Filene Research Institute include:

Assignment for CoBank:

  • Compared CoBank's capital structure under Basel III to leading financial cooperatives in Europe, Canada and Australia. At $95 billion in assets CoBank is the largest cooperative bank in the U.S.

 Assignments for Abacaus - Australian Mutuals include:

  • ​International comparison of cooperative bank regulatory structures in Europe, North America and Australia as part of industry's response to Parliament on the Financial System Inquiry. Winter 2014.
  • Led study tour to Basel, Brussels and Netherlands investigating European cooperative bank capital requirements. Summer 2012.
  • Creating capital instruments that meet Basel III  requirements for core capital. Spring 2012.
  • Translating Basel III into understandable language for CEOs and chairpersons of the largest mutual financial institutions in Australia. Spring 2012.

Assignments with the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) include:

  • Under a tight deadline delivered alternative liquidity mechanisms for U.S. credit unions. Winter 2012.
  • Developed video blogs for Credit Union Magazine in the U.S. via a segment called PlanetCUNA.

Assignment for the Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL) includes:

  • ​Facilitated a British industry-wide strategic dialogue on how to modernize services through collaboration. 2012.

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