D. Krishna
Senior Associate - Asia
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A senior executive with 30+ years in banking and as the Chief Executive Officer of the National Federation of Urban Cooperative Banks in India.  Krishna has represented the interest of financial cooperatives with the highest levels of government in India and served as key advisor to the Reserve Bank of India for regional committee to revive weak cooperative banks.

Dave Grace
Managing Partner

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With experience as former central banker, senior vice president in charge of policy/advocacy with the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) and co-founder/director of the International Credit Union Regulators' Network, Dave excels at helping governments, donors and financial institutions develop policy frameworks. Dave blogs frequently for the Center for Financial Inclusion and others. Read more...

Liliana Tangwall
Senior Associate and Director of Operations
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A consultant with nearly two decades of experience establishing credit unions and microfinance institutions in her native country of Moldova. Liliana as developed training programs for financial cooperative supervisors, led the collection of global credit union statistics for over 10 years which culminated in recognition in The Economist and authored multiple studies on capital structures, regulatory bench marking and youth financial inclusion. ​


Monnie Biety 
Senior Associate - Americas 
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A consultant with credit unions and MFIs worldwide for over 19 years Monnie specializes in regulation and supervision issues for small financial institutions, leading classroom and “hands-on” training in accounting, financial analysis, the regulatory examination process, and internal and external auditing. Read more...