Working with industry and policy makers we help translate a policy framework into practical solutions for safe financial institutions. Examples of financial cooperatives and MFIs development include:

  • Peer Review of the Central Bank of Ireland: 2019. 
    For the International Credit Union Regulators' Network (ICURN) led a team of credit union supervisors in conducting a peer review of the activities of the Registrar of Credit Unions within the Central Bank of Ireland.
  • Assessment of Strategic Option for Financial Cooperatives in South Africa: 2019-20. 
    For the World Bank evaluated the strategic options for how to grow the South African financial cooperative sector which remains one of the smallest in the world despite significant opportunities for growth.
  • Strategic Planning for the largest Wholesale Credit Union in the US. ​​2018. ForVizo Financial Federal Credit Union facilitated strategic planning discussion on its market positioning and opportunities after its recent merger.
  • Provided an Assessment of the Microlending Market for U.S. Credit Unions: Jan - Feb. 2013.
    For the Filene Research Institute DGA assessed the business case for American credit unions to offer microenterprise loans to their members. Specific case studies explored the markets in South Florida, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.
  • Policy Options for the Central Liquidity Fund: Jan-Feb. 2012.
    ​For Credit Union National Association (USA) reviewed the policy options for credit unions to access central bank emergency liquidity vis-a-vis the National Credit Union Administration’s Central Liquidity Fund.
  • Facilitated National Dialogue of British Credit Unions: March 2012.
    For the Association of British Credit Unions facilitated a national dialogue on the options for improving the scale and efficiency of credit union operations.  This included an analysis of models for consolidating back office operations.
  • Started a Credit Union in Zambia – Issues Paper. World Bank: Aug-Sept 2012.
    On behalf of the World Bank, providing guidance to the government of Zambia in its efforts to start a credit union for public service workers.  With one of the weakest credit union systems in Africa, we are forging new ground and re-looking at the regulatory and supervisory framework for credit unions.
  • ​Co-founded the European Network of Credit Unions and served as its director: 2009-2011.
  • Training Needs Assessment of Rwandan SACCOs: July – August 2012
    On-site interviews with 45 SACCO board members, management and staff in 18 SACCOs from all provinces of the country were conducted. The information gathered in interviews was verified and prioritized through technical and senior management-level meetings where buy-in was received from the central bank, ministry of finance, Rwanda cooperative agency, United Nations Capital Development Fund, Access to Finance Rwanda, Association of Microfinance Rwanda and local CGAP-certified trainers.
  • Interviewed Global Credit Union Leaders: 2012
    Through a series of video blogs called PlanetCUNA, we interviewed cooperatives, credit union and banking leaders from around the globe. Guests include CEO of the European Association of Cooperative Banks, President of the International Cooperative Alliance and heads of national associations of credit unions.